Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bear Lake

The past two weekends we have spent at Bear Lake
Having so much fun

Peyton and Grandpa

This is where Peyton spent most of her time

Matt on the rope swing at Bloomington lake

Princess Peyton

First Jet Ski Ride

Playing on the beach and on the boat

This Picture is my absolute Favorite!!


Korey and Brandi said...

so sweet Katie she is getting so big!! I love that last pic!!

HOLLY said...

That looks so fun. Peyton is going to have some great memories there. Love that last pic!!!

Jonathan & Bree said...

Man your are all over blogging lately, I am so proud! I have a picture of Addi at a water park with a big hat just like that it is my favorite too. I want to plan a girls day while we are there, we should go to lunch and go get pedi's or something. Or if we have to take kids we could go swimming or something.

The Balls said...

We are going to Bear Lake on the 7th and I CAN'T WAIT! I love it there! BTW good job on the blogging!

Lignell Family said...

you are becoming a blogging machine!! We were in Bear Lake this past weekend too... it was wonderful the water was perfect! You need to send me your email address ( so that I can invite you to my blog! Hope all is well!!

Allison Lindley said...

I haven't checked your blog forever! Looks like you've been having fun. Miss you! Lets get together soon.